Marietta man who ran $5M romance scam gets 13-year prison sentence

ExploreMarietta man indicted in online romance scam that cost Virginia woman $6.5 million

The woman connected with MgBodile in November 2017 through an online dating site, where he had created a fake profile with the name “James Deere,” Erskine said. The woman, who had signatory authority on a “sizeable trust,” was tricked into believing the two had a romantic relationship as they communicated over email. Deere told her he wanted to live with her and start a life together, but he first had to resolve some urgent business.

MgBodile, posing as Deere, told the woman he was on the verge of receiving a large windfall from a client, but he needed a “representative partner” with an account where the funds could be deposited to avoid a conflict of interest. Through this entirely fraudulent scenario, MgBodile was able to lure the woman into granting him access to the trust.

In January and February 2018, MgBodile and others made several requests for the…

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