Man Looking for Lost BTC 7,500 in a Rubbish Dump Plans Hi-Tech Search


An aerial photography taken from a helicopter of a scrap metal recycling business in Newport Wales. Source: Adobe/Tom Falcon Harding

A British man who has been trying to convince his local council to let him search a rubbish dump for a hard disk drive containing a bumper bitcoin (BTC) haul since 2014 now wants to use high-tech wizardry to find the crypto stash he accidentally threw away eight years ago. But he may be frustrated in his efforts, with the council refusing to budge.

As previously reported, the man, an IT worker named James Howells, has been pleading Newport City Council to let him search the dump for his drive, which he says holds BTC 7,500 (USD 247m), for several years. But the council has repeatedly turned down his requests – despite Howells’ offers to share the tokens with the council and local charities.

He has since become something of a media darling – and updates on his story regularly appear in the UK press, particularly…

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