'Loot all that s**t!': Leftist supports looting, says if blacks looted 'every store' in the country, it wouldn't come close to 'debt that America owes us'


The host of a new show on YouTube — “Burn It Down with Kim Brown” — recently told her viewers she supports looting and that even if black people looted every store in the country, whatever material gains were acquired would pale in comparison to the “debt that America owes us.”

What are the details?

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson highlighted Kim Brown’s show on his program earlier this week with a clip that’s now gaining some online traction.

“For the record, I support all that s**t,” Brown said on the clip. “I support them looting the damn Dollar Tree. I support the looting of … what other s**t did they loot? … like the Advanced Auto Parts. I remember last year they looted Target. I support all that s**t! Loot all that s**t! Do you know why? Because black people and marginalized and oppressed people could loot every store in this whole f***ing country for 200 f***ing years — it would not even come close to the debt that America owes us.”

Tucker Carlson highlights a BLM activist’s show “Burn it down with Kim Brown” where she expresses her support for l… https://t.co/KlKwPqR743

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Another cut of the video shows Brown saying, “Tear all that s**t up! Tear it up! Because really … that’s the only language this country understands.”

Carlson mocked Brown and the platforms her show is on, noting he assumes they haven’t considered censoring it and that he doubts she’s feeling any heat.

“We’re pretty sure the FBI isn’t at Kim Brown’s house tonight,” Carlson said. “We’re confident that ’60 Minutes’ isn’t planning some extensive hit piece on her — no, those are reserved for Florida governors. In America’s many newsrooms, Kim Brown is not considered a threat to anyone — she’s considered an ally. Who’s the threat? It’s people who didn’t vote for Joe Biden; they must be hounded into submission by the American news media.”

Looks like she loves the attention

In case you’re wondering who Brown is, at the moment her fame appears to be quite limited. Her YouTube videos garner