Local business struggles to meet demand due to lack of employees


Labor shortages are impacting some local businesses in the Atlanta area. 

Shirley Hughes is the owner of Sweet Cheats, a bakery that has been open for about a decade in Cabbagetown

With the Atlanta Braves at the World Series, Halloween, and the holidays just around the corner, business is booming. 

“We’re about to roll into our thanksgiving period so pie orders, cookie orders. We’re into Halloween right now and we’re working on ghost cookies and pumpkin cookies by the hundreds,” she said. 

However, Hughes tells FOX 5 Atlanta the orders are coming in but the resumes are not. 

“Usually I can put a post on Craigslist and get a hundred resumes a day. I put a post now. I might get two if I’m lucky,” Hughes said. 

They’re down to four employees and are not able to take in more orders without extra hands. 

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