Life-saving new technology at Almeria’s Torrecardenas Hospital


Image: Pixabay

Life-saving new technology is being used at Almeria’s Torrecardenas Hospital.

The first prostate biopsy guided by Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Transrectal Ultrasound has been performed at the Torrecardenas University Hospital. The technology is being used to diagnose prostate cancer.

According to the experts this new type of prostate biopsy means that more prostate cancers will be diagnosed. According to doctors José Luis Soler and José Miguel Molina the technology will allow the diagnosis of “30 percent more aggressive cancers, which would have gone undetected by the classic biopsy, the transrectal biopsy guided by ultrasound.”

Manuel Vida, the managing director of the Torrecardenas Hospital explained how important this new technology is for the department and for patients. Vida said the Urology department: “is taking a significant step forward in improving the quality of care”.

He added: “We…

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