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Re: Tony Domino’s June 10 letter to the Editor, “Democrats ruined Trump’s economy.”

Mr. Domino spares no superlative describing “Donald Trump’s great economy.” Reminds me of the owner of the Hindenburg exclaiming about its great ride–after it had crashed and burned.

Actually, presidents don’t play that big a role in our economy. It’s U.S. capitalism that is the greatest money producing system in the history of the world.

The president’s role is maintaining a business friendly environment and putting money into the economy when it needs a boost, e.g. during a recession. Indeed, Trump’s tax cut was completely unnecessary, produced a short-lived sugar high, and drained the Treasury of trillions of dollars.

Currently, President Biden’s infrastructure bill is designed to pump up the horrible economy that he inherited. It will help short-term and long-term. Win-win.

Disclaimer: As submitted to the Arizona Daily Star.

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