Letter to the editor: Political signs are being illegally removed



Primary election voting is just around the corner. Many of us who belong to the Edmonds Civic Roundtable have been hearing directly from candidates that there are individuals in the Edmonds community that are removing their political signs from both public and private property. I find this quite discouraging. Regardless of what a person’s beliefs or commitment to a particular candidate, individuals run for office in good faith to help our community. It is just unAmerican to remove or destroy a political sign. When you steal a yard sign, you are stealing freedom of speech.

Moreover, it’s illegal under several Washington State laws, which make it quite clear, any person convicted of such violations would be subject to a misdemeanor, perhaps second-degree criminal trespass, or even be considered, based on the circumstances, a hate crime; all with fines and imprisonment.

I along with the membership of the Edmonds Civic…

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