Letter: Those who operate scams deserve stiff punishments


There is a saying that a fool is born every day. The other day I was almost a fool. I received a phone call that I thought was from one of my grandsons. He told me he was in Tampa, Florida with a buddy and had rear-ended a woman in the rental car he was driving. He said he tested just barely over the legal limit for a DUI charge and needed $7,500.00 cash for a bond. He had me speak to his “attorney” who gave me instructions on how to send the cash. My “grandson” then asked me not to tell any other family members as he was embarrassed and he would tell them later. Upon hearing about sending $7,500.00 in cash, my wise wife said she thought it was a scam and to call our daughter and let her know what was going on. I did so and my daughter contacted my grandson and found out that he was not in Florida and was in fact…

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