Legend’s Widow Sues Former Business Manager


Biz Markie’s widow filed a lawsuit against his former business manager for misappropriation of funds and intellectual property violations.

Biz Markie’s widow sued his former business manager over control of his licensing company and money allegedly owed to his estate.

According to court documents obtained by AllHipHop, Tara Hall accused Jennifer Izumi of a myriad of intellectual property violations in the lawsuit. Hall also claimed Izumi misappropriated funds from Biz Markie’s company.

Tara Hall married Marcel Theo Hall a.k.a. Biz Markie in 2018. Before their marriage, Izumi obtained limited power of attorney from Biz Markie regarding transactions but not intellectual property.

“Izumi granted herself 51% of Mr. Hall’s income and control of his company during the final years of his life, until it was discovered,” the lawsuit says. “Defendant Izumi and/or her authorized representative filed…

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