Latin America’s contribution to development of global norms and institutions to be studied


The ways in which Latin American states shaped, and were themselves in turn shaped by, the development of the complex of international norms, institutions, and practices that help structure world politics will be better understood thanks to a new research grant won by Dr Tom Long of the University of Warwick’s Department of Politics and International studies, and Dr Carsten-Andreas Schulz, an assistant professor at Pontificia Universidad Católica in Chile.

The researchers have been awarded a £250,000 Arts and Humanities Research Council grant for their four-year project, Latin America and the peripheral origins of nineteenth-century international order.

A better understanding of how Latin America’s engagement shaped international order during its foundation will also help to shape our understandings of the ‘crisis’ of international order today.

The state of the international order – the complex of international norms, institutions, and…

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