Latest Scam: Social media scammers sell phony wigs at high-end prices | WFRV Local 5


(WFRV) – Don’t wig out, just be cautious. Scammers are now taking to social media and selling phony wigs to unsuspecting customers.

According to Better Business Bureau (BBB), they have seen an increase in reports of social media scammers selling high-end wigs. In one of the reports, a woman claimed to have spent $900 on a wig that never arrived. The woman says she had purchased the wig via social media from an “Instagram influencer” and when she attempted to get a refund from the alleged influencer, they had blocked her – oh, and they posted her home address.

“She told me she’s blocking me permanently and she’ll be in touch via her attorney. Never did I hear anything from any law practice. And never did I get my money back,” the victim reported. “To make the situation worse, the lady started posting my…

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