Latest news updates: Turkish inflation climbs at fastest pace in two years to reach almost 20%


Fumio Kishida has been named Japan’s 100th prime minister as he set out to form a government focused on addressing rising economic and national security threats from China.

Kishida won a tightly contested four-way race to succeed Yoshihide Suga last week as power brokers within the ruling Liberal Democratic party stood behind the 64-year-old former foreign minister’s promise to maintain continuity and political stability.

In line with his leadership contest victory, Koshida’s cabinet line-up suggested his priority was to reward the many factions that supported him, analysts said, resulting in critical posts for allies of former prime minister Shinzo Abe and finance minister Taro Aso.

Aso, 81, will be replaced for the first time in nine years, with his brother-in-law Shunichi Suzuki taking over the finance portfolio. Abe’s younger brother Nobuo Kishi will remain as defence minister, while his gaffe-prone ally, education minister Koichi Hagiuda,…

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