Langley store quickly reopens following early Friday morning fire – Aldergrove Star


Quick response by the Langley fire department limited damage from an early morning blaze that scorched the entrance and cracked the window glass of the Dollars and Cents at 2021 Willowbrook Drive early Friday morning, Nov. 19.

A witness who called 911 and posted a video saw five fire department vehicles and two police units as well as a security guard at the scene.

  Owner Salim Dhanani said it would have been worse if it wasn’t for the COVID-19 barriers installed at the store tills.

He said the fire started in a mixed garbage and recycling container out front and the heat from the flames caused the windows to blow out and the fire was beginning to creep inside by the time fire crews arrived.

They used their hoses to quickly extinguish the blaze, and while some water did get inside, the transparent coronavirus barriers turned out be good at blocking water as well, limiting the damage to a few tills and some inventory.

“We were lucky…

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