Labor vows to crack down on $33billion online scam industry with new National Anti-Scam Centre


Aussies are ripped off $33billion a year by callous online scammers – as Labor pledges major crackdown on online thieves

  • Australians were conned out of $33billion by online scammers last year alone
  • Cyber Security Centre revealed scams doubled in 2020 then again in 2021
  • Labor has vowed a crackdown and will set up a National Anti-Scam Centre 

Australians have been conned out of $33billion a year in online scams prompting the Labor government to promise a major crackdown on the ‘scamdemic’.

Government lead agency The Cyber Security Centre has revealed scams more than doubled in 2020 before doubling again in 2021.

The massive spike has placed Australia in…

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