Labor shortage: Here’s the truth about US unemployment

The pandemic benefits run out in September anyway, so these states are turning down money the federal government has already approved, cutting off money earmarked for more nearly 2 million out-of-work Americans.
The idea is that, with the economy reopening thanks to the vaccines, the boosted checks might be keeping workers on the sidelines — and taking them away will essentially force them back into the job market. That would help smaller businesses that are not as well equipped as larger companies to draw workers with higher pay or other perks.

There’s something of a Rorschach test here. You can look at the plight of business owners and think the government should cut support that’s making it hard for them to hire. Or you can look at a person whose wages are normally low enough that $300 per week is enough to keep them out of the labor force and think maybe businesses should raise pay.

I went to Anneken Tappe, the senior writer at CNN Business who…

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