kochi: Kochi: Hi-tech books to make science fun | Kochi News

KOCHI: In order to make science subjects easier and more interesting, a Kochi-based startup is bringing augmented reality (AR) & virtual reality (VR) to students. AnA Infotainment has launched two books — on solar system and human anatomy/internal organs that can be called 6D books, as they make use of AR &VR to make the readers experience what they learn. In addition, the books offer videos & audios, downloadable PDF notes, and 3D images.
All the student needs is a cell phone/tablet with an AR/VR app and a copy of the books. For viewing the 3D images in the books, 3D glasses are also provided along with the books.
Jaison K Sani, managing director said that both the books come with their corresponding apps, which can be downloaded from Play Store. While 3D properties of the book come live with the goggles that come along, the AR and VR properties can be enjoyed using the apps.
“The magic of AR and VR can be enjoyed more by using an AR/VR headset….

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