Kim Komando: Insider tech travel hacks you’ll use every single trip | Business News


On an Android, snap some photos and mark them as favorites in your picture gallery. That will make finding your documents easy, no matter where you are.

Pro tip: I also recommend saving your identifying documents as PDF files and saving a copy to your iOS Books, Android e-book app or even sending to your Kindle. This way, you can access them offline. Send a copy to your travel partner, too, if you feel safe doing so.

2. Get your digital driver’s license

Pictures are great, but what about an actual digital driver’s license? You can use a digital driver’s license for any transaction or situation where ID is required. Think of it as a supplement to your physical ID as various jurisdictions figure out how to implement its use.

A digital license can be updated quickly with new information, such as a change of address. If your phone is lost or stolen, you can remotely wipe the digital ID before getting a new one.

What’s the catch? Right now, digital…

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