Juneteenth festival in Orlando pays tribute to past, highlights promising future for Black businesses


ORLANDO – The Black Wall Street Festival isn’t new to Wall Street in downtown Orlando, but it’s the first year it’s being held as a nationally-recognized holiday.

Organizers said the festival aimed to highlight Black-owned businesses.

“Black-owned business don’t get the shine that other businesses do, so we want to make sure that we keep that dollar circulating around our neighborhood so we can grow our businesses to the same level as other businesses,” said Ronnie Hartfield, organizer of Black Wall Street Juneteenth Remix.

Rebecca Desir, also an organizer of Black Wall Street Juneteenth Remix, echoed those sentiments.

“When we start our own businesses, it’s nothing just for our selfish reasons, but it’s circulating that Black dollar and making sure everyone eats,” Desir said.

One business hopes to spread a message and uplift young women who find themselves looking for clothing that fits naturally.

“So all young ladies who know the…

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