John Nichols: Tammy Baldwin has a genius for politics, and beer | John Nichols


The beer was, of course, from Wisconsin.

The delightfully partisan Minocqua Brewing Company has for several months been brewing up “,la. A Strong, Vice Presidential Stout” that encourages the proper pronunciation of Harris’s first name. As the brewer explains, “The more conservative the TV personality was throughout her campaign, the more he (it was usually a male) mispronounced her name. It’s like they did it on purpose. Well, she’s now the vice president and we don’t think anyone’s gonna forget her name ever again.”

But just in case anyone is still having a problem, they can check the front of the can — which spells things out: “/ˈkɑːmələ/.” Or the T-shirts that brewer Kirk Bangstad has been selling, along with merchandise celebrating the northern Wisconsin brewery’s other products, including Biden Beer (inoffensive and not bitter Kolsch), Inauguration Day Beer (a peaceful transition of flavor), Fair Maps (a balanced and…

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