John Krull column: The ‘little guy’ Braun stands for? Why, it might really be … himself | Opinion


U.S. Sen. Mike Braun, R-Indiana, had a difficult decision to make.

When the Federal Election Commission issued a draft audit showing that Braun’s 2018 Senate campaign broke multiple election finance laws, the senator had to choose between two possible defenses for his actions.

He could argue that he was incompetent.

Or he could acknowledge that he was corrupt.

Braun went with the first option.

He said he really wasn’t in charge of his own campaign or his own finances. He tried to blame the whole mess on a bookkeeper, Travis Kabrick, who — Braun’s team alleged — had vanished.

(An aside: The Daily Beast, which has done detailed reporting on this mess, found Kabrick in a matter of seconds. The reporters there apparently used some new, cutting-edge and hard-to-procure technology to track him…

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