Joe Biden and Jeff Bezos are both wrong (and right) about inflation


CNN Business

Among the many silly, mind-numbing, agenda-pushing exchanges happening on Twitter at any given moment, the one playing out between the President of the United States and the world’s second-richest person stands out for both its dullness and its deliberate oversimplification.

If you’ve been away from Twitter lately, first of all: Good on you. Here’s a quick recap of the dispute between Jeff Bezos and President Joe Biden.

On Friday, Biden tweeted that the way to bring down inflation is to “make sure the wealthiest corporations pay their fair share.”

Bezos, founder of Amazon, an absurdly wealthy corporation, took issue with that. He fired off a reply, saying that linking corporate taxes to inflation is “just misdirection.”

The White House pushed back, then Bezos pushed back again.

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