Job seekers finding more scams


PHOENIX — As companies lay off workers, you may find yourself looking for a new job.

Most of us now do that online, but beware… A new wave of job scams may be waiting.

While searching online, Denise thought she found a great job.

“10 or 15 minutes later, I received an email supposedly from the boss,” Denise said.

It was a $40 an hour, remote job for Atlas Construction.

Denise filled out a questionnaire and got a quick answer, “Saying congratulations, you got the job. I didn’t speak to anybody. All I did was a questionnaire,” she said.

Could it be that easy?

“You start to ignore these signs that maybe this isn’t real,” said Data Doctors Ken Colburn.

Colburn says job posting sites have become a big playground for scammers.

They try to lure you in with big-money job promises but their real goal is to get your money.

“You need to make purchases or pay a fee or buy the equipment you’ll need to do the job,” Colburn said.

There are some obvious…

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