I’ve just been scammed – what should I do next?


Call the phone number on your bank card or dial 159, the industry’s central phone number for reaching most banks.

Once you have passed security, tell the bank that the rogue payment was a result of a scam. Tell them that you have been defrauded. Ask if the payment has been made and if it can be stopped. If it can, good news. If not, ask them to investigate and move to step two.

Make a note of everything that happened during the fraud

You may have to recount the scam when you make an effort to recover your money.

It is best to get the details on paper as soon as you can, so that you can be as detailed as possible.

If the fraudster contacted you by phone, make a note of everything he or she said and what you said in reply. Be as detailed as possible, especially parts that you feel convinced you that the fraud was legitimate.

It is likely they knew things about you that only the company or agency they were impersonating you would…

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