It’s so hard to get a house right now, people are giving up on buying


“Last fall having to stay home so much, that really made me decide that it is time to buy a house,” she said. Among the top amenities she was looking for: outdoor space and more privacy.

Further motivated by record low interest rates, Robinson set her sights to buy in the spring when she expected more properties would be available. It would also give her time to get her finances in order.

“But by the time I got pre-approved and started seriously looking at homes, the market got crazy” she said.

Robinson set a budget for $250,000. But in her market — the suburb of Greenwood — homes began selling within days, with as many as 10 competing offers, and sometimes going for $100,000 over the asking price.

“‘Crazy’ to me is not getting an inspection because you want to be number one on the homeowner’s list,” she said. “That is a risk I’m not wiling to take. And having to make an immediate decision the day you see it? That is another thing that makes me really…

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