‘It looked real’ Car wrap fake check scams target gig workers – Action News Jax


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Frank Wilbanks was banking on making a few bucks and loved the idea of earning money by simply adding advertisements to his car.

“It started with an email –  follow the link if you would like to get $500 a week,” Wilbanks told Action News Jax Ben Becker.

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Wilbanks received a $3,525 check and was told to keep $500 for himself and send the rest to “the installer who will be coming over to put the decal on your vehicle” to promote Dasani water for a minimum of four weeks.

Wilbanks was ready to drive for dollars and went to his bank, but he found out the ad for water didn’t hold water.

“The ATM wouldn’t take it?” asked Becker.

”It would not take the check,” said Wilbanks “To me, it looked real, and when the ATM machine wouldn’t take the check, that’s when I started doing research.”

Wilbanks soon found out it was an age-old fake check…

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