Is this a scam?: Tips to identify fraud schemes and who to call for help | News


Your utilities are about to be cut off. Your grandson is in serious trouble. Delivery of your medication has been held up.

Scammers targeting older adults are experts at throwing their victims off balance by presenting urgent situations that can be solved only by the immediate transfer of cash.

“People make poor decisions when time pressure is imposed, so scammers create a sense of urgency,” acting Palo Alto Police Capt. James Reifschneider said.

In moments of emotional stress, people get conned every day, he told this news organization.

“There’s a misconception that those who fall for this are unsophisticated or uniquely foolish, but the reality is that people of means, people of education, people who are very, very sharp people of all ages fall for this because the scammers are very, very good at their job β€” pulling at heartstrings, manipulating. This is a craft they have polished,” he said.

Since 2019, the number of reported elder…

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