Is the latest technology worth the investment for your hydroponic farm? – Urban Ag News


Photo: Shenandoah Growers, Virginia

Remember: It is possible to operate a successful and profitable hydroponic farm in a hoop house, a greenhouse, vertical farm or even outside in parts of the world.

There are only three primary reasons a grower or a farmer should invest in technology. Yet if you listen to anyone in the industry selling specific technologies, you’ll hear hundreds of reasons.  

The fact is, most growers  should forgo investing in technologies and save their money. As you go through this article, keep in mind that the reasons a commercial greenhouse or vertical farm should invest in technology are no different than other businesses (big or small) making similar investments.

Hydroponic Strawberries in California

You likely started your business for a variety of reasons. One was probably to make a profit. Make money for yourself and hopefully provide a good living for those who work for you.  If this wasn’t the case, you would have…

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