Is the Equifax Data Breach Settlement Email Legit?


In late January 2022, Google users looked to Reddit and elsewhere to find out if an email for the status of the Equifax data breach settlement was a “scam or legit,” as readers often do after receiving such notices. The email had the subject line, “Equifax Data Breach Settlement (Credit Monitoring Instructions and Activation Code),” and linked to the website, It promised a free four-year membership for the credit monitoring service Experian IdentityWorks.

This was a legitimate notice for a data breach settlement for Equifax. Readers might remember making a claim in the settlement back in July 2019. Users who opted to receive credit monitoring instead of a check were sent activation codes in the new email for Experian IdentityWorks. The official website for the settlement was

What’s This About?

The official settlement website documented the fact that in…

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