Is tech getting older or less ageist? The answer is complicated


As technology becomes essential for every industry, companies may be coming to value older workers more.

Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto

I once worked at an early-stage startup, where one member of the small team (we employed fewer than 10 people) regularly loved to pillory me for being a “grandpa,” asking if I wanted him to get me a wheelchair. I was 37.

Small wonder, then, that I regularly worried that I needed to become obscenely rich by the age of 40 so that I could cash out of tech before it cashiered me for the sin of getting older. Now, years later, I’m still here, still loving tech and have yet to be given my golden bifocals to see out my dotage. Tech has long been a young person’s world, or so it seemed. Has tech gotten older?

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I asked that question on Twitter, and the answers suggest a range of reasons that while…

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