Is it really so radical to say the police aren’t fit for purpose? | Nesrine Malik


More people are beginning to see it. Not clearly, but something is coming into view. When a policeman, known to colleagues as “the rapist”, murders a woman after luring her with his police credentials, when another has an exploitative relationship undercover, when two officers take and share pictures of dead women, something begins to confront us, no matter how much we would like to look away.

It’s clearly more than “one bad apple”, it’s clearly not just the usual level of violence against women that we’ve come to accept as background noise, it clearly happens often enough for it to raise questions about the police force itself. These questions aren’t about police failure – failure suggests the system is trying to prevent these incidents but not succeeding.

Instead, we should be asking what it is about policing that seems to encourage these violations? Whether the police, perhaps, are not merely a reflection of society’s ills but…

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