Is Arkansas mainly Republican or Democrat? Politics became polarized


After a heated legislative and special session left many in the state frustrated, Arkansans must be wondering how state politics got to this point. 

Williams Yamkam, assistant professor of political science at the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith, believes the nationalization of politics, party dominance and the changing media landscape have led to more divisiveness in state politics.

Political polarization isn’t new, and is even inevitable with the two-party system, Yamkam adds. However, he said polarization is “becoming more pronounced.”

“Polarization gets even more accentuated when you have politicians that tap into the raw emotions of people for political gains,” Yamkam said.

Yamkam explained when one party dominates, it can lead to extreme policies and candidates. Currently, Arkansas is a one-party state. Republicans have a 78-22 majority in the Arkansas House of Representatives, and a 27-7 majority in the Arkansas Senate….

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