Investors earn billions of dollars in Crypto market as JP Morgan, Elon Musk affirm Bitcoin sentiment — Scam Guards


I was trying to download a video from Facebook when a new tab suddenly popped open on my browser. I was going to shut it in my usual style when the headline drew my attention.

“SPECIAL REPORT: Aliko Dangote’s Latest Investment Has Experts in Awe And Big Banks Terrified.”

Curious, I decided to pause and read through the story. I was captivated all through and eager to see the end of it. The writer it seemed was promoting a certain product ‘Bitcoin Prime’, which the story claimed had been endorsed by Africa’s richest man Aliko Dangote as “a wealth loophole” in a live interview.

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What was wrong with the report?

The first obvious thing about this report was that there was no actual byline. This means the article did not have an author. How would you expect to believe something of that magnitude when the writer could not even reveal his/her…

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