Investments spur tech manufacturing at GlobalFoundries and Beta Technologies

A flight simulator for Beta Technologies’ ALIA-250, which can take off and land vertically and then transition to long-range flight. Courtesy photo

Developments announced this week by a pair of Chittenden County businesses have strengthened the case for the region’s future as a hub of innovation — particularly in wireless technology and electric aircraft.  

Beta Technologies, a South Burlington-based electric aviation start-up, secured $368 million in private capital this week, bringing the company’s valuation up to $1.4 billion. The company also announced plans to build a production facility for electric aircraft at Burlington International Airport. 

GlobalFoundries, a New York-based microchip manufacturer and one of Vermont’s largest private employers, announced it will partner with Raytheon Technologies to develop and commercialize a special semiconductor component, or microchip, for the next generation of wireless infrastructure….

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