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Wetin we call dis Video,

Hushpuppi, Nigerian social media influencer, fund luxurious lifestyle by cybercrime

Ramon Abbas – wey im 2.5 million Instagram followers know as Hushpuppi – don dey considered by di FBI to be one of di world’s most high-profile fraudsters and e dey face a prison sentence of up to 20 years for US afta e plead guilty to money laundering.

Di BBC don use newly available court documents to uncover di man behind cyber heists wey don cost im victims millions, from im humble beginnings as a “Yahoo Boy” hustler for Nigeria to a so-called “Billionaire Gucci Master” living a life of luxury for Dubai before im arrest last year.

Di 37-year-old start im his career for Oworonshoki, a poor coastal area for di north-east of Lagos, Nigeria commercial capital.

Local driver Seye tell di BBC sey e remember Abbas as a young boy wey…

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