Inside Story Global Pandemic Economy TRANSCRIPT



The Inside Story: Global Pandemic Economy

Episode 14 – November 18, 2021

Show Opening Graphic:

Voice of KATHERINE GYPSON, VOA Congressional Correspondent:

Committing a trillion dollars of infrastructure spending …

And more government spending on the horizon …

Concerns are raised about supply and demand …

And higher prices for goods and services.

U.S. President Joe Biden:

Many people remain unsettled about the economy and we all know why, they see higher prices, the go to the store and online and they can’t find what they always want.


Stress on the global supply chain has too many dollars chasing too few goods.

Thomas Goldsby, Supply Chain Management Professor, University of Tennessee:

When we look at the surge in demand that we witness for goods over the course of this pandemic, that has just taken supply chains beyond the brink.


And cryptocurrency’s…

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