Inside Stephen Moss’ plan to revolutionise the world’s archaic banking system


Stephen Moss wasn’t granted a typical upbringing like most teenagers. Being born into elite banking royalty often doesn’t afford you such cushy leisures.

“I had a front row seat to the evolution of modern day banking,” he says.

“Growing up, my father was the CEO of Macquarie Bank for 26 years. I spent every day after school in his office, every weekend in meetings, every school holiday travelling.”

Most significantly, Moss junior was able to witness first hand the ascension of a company famously labelled ‘The Millionaires Factory’, which started as Hill Samuel with 20 staff before manifesting into the money-making behemoth that is today’s Macquarie Bank, which boasts over 17,000 employees and a turnover of A$4.01 billion.

“I had a front row seat to the struggles banks were having with capital and debt markets and allocation of debt. [Then] I developed a genuine distrust for the banks.”

But we digress….

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