Infrastructure Offers Way To Diversify Portfolios, Add Yield


During the coming decade, trillions of dollars will be plowed into repairing roads and bridges, updating water/sewage plants, modernizing the electric grid and expanding airport and rail systems.

Investors are already lining up to buy debt or take equity stakes in projects as Congress debates passage of a $1.2 trillion bill, a down payment on the $2 trillion McKinsey & Company says the U.S. needs to spend to update its aging infrastructure.

Globally, governments are grappling with how to pay for infrastructure projects. McKinsey said $4 trillion needs to be spent annually for the world economy to keep pace with economic growth.

The intense need for capital to finance these projects is likely to reshape the financial markets during the coming decade.  

SHOOKtalks recently assembled a panel of experts to address how financial advisors can invest in infrastructure projects, reaping rewards for their clients.

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