Infrastructure investment needed to spur growth of good jobs


The Sunrise Movement holds a protest outside the White House demanding action on climate change and green jobs in Washington, June 4, 2021.

Evelyn Hockstein | Reuters

The economic recovery from the pandemic is at a critical juncture. More than nine million people still are looking for work and job growth last month was well below projections.

 Meanwhile businesses are arguing that they cannot fill jobs. Pundits and experts try to explain the paradox: continuing fears over Covid; lack of affordable child care; the safety net of unemployment benefits and stimulus checks making wages from low-paying jobs less necessary.

The challenges in returning to work, however, may be symptomatic of a deeper problem: there may be jobs, but there aren’t enough good jobs.

Too many of the 106 million workers without four-year degrees, particularly our lowest-wage workers, have been stuck for too long in jobs that don’t pay well, don’t offer job security, and don’t provide real…

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