Indy 500 new technology upgrades


SPEEDWAY, Ind – The first full capacity Indy 500 since 2019 will give many race fans their first look at several technological upgrades at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

“Sixty percent of our fans didn’t get to come last year, nobody got to come in 2020,” said IMS President Doug Boles. “So there’s a huge amount of fans that when they walk in here on Sunday morning, some of the things they see will be the first time.”

Some of the most obvious new tech includes a massive, 104 by 20 ft video board installed on the back of the pagoda. The screen will provide live coverage of action happening around the track, as well as detailed information about race teams on during the 500.

In addition, 20 smaller video boards have been installed throughout seating areas in the paddock, giving those fans something they’ve never had.

“Lot of those folks…

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