‘Indian moves excessively cautious’ – The Statesman



Q. The Indian government had claimed its policy is to enhance ties with Afghanistan. In that case, shouldn’t India have played an active role in thwarting the Taliban take over, or at least now back Amrullah Saleh and resistance fighters in Panjshir Valley to push the Taliban back?
A: There was no means of thwarting the Taliban whose takeover was facilitated by the USA and Pakistan. It is not practical to consider support to any resistance movement which is hardly likely to succeed. The best prospect for the Afghan people is a period of peace and stability, the absence of civil war and foreign intervention, and emphasis on reconstruction and development. These will be huge challenges, and India should carefully assess how to assist in this process.

Q. If India now goes into negotiations with Taliban wouldn’t it be violating the oath we took in the United Nations Security Council to show “zero tolerance” towards terrorism?
A. Recent UN…

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