India pivots to regain economic glory – News


By 2024, India is expected to surpass the UK as the fifth economic power with the country forecasted to record robust growth in 2021-22 due to the low base and the pace of recovery, which had been sustained on the back of measures unleashed by the government and the central bank

As India marks its 75th Day of Independence, the one question some economists could raise is whether the nation will ever regain its ancient clout as a global economic superpower.

The second question is, when and how that will happen. More precisely, is Asia’s third largest economy primed, and on track to achieve that dream goal 25 years from now when it decks up for the landmark centenary celebrations as a free nation?

Today, as the turbo-charged nation of 1.39 billion people sets itself on a new growth track after navigating a pandemic-induced economic devastation, few doubt India’s ability to regain its position as the fifth-largest economy by…

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