India has ambitious plans to be a global semiconductor hub


India is hoping to be a global semiconductor hub in the next few years. Semiconductors are now the most important component for most technology companies. From mobile phones to personal computers to electric vehicles (EV), the demand for semiconductor chips has skyrocketed in the last two years.

Initially, most semiconductor companies were able to produce sufficient chips. But with the pandemic and politics disrupting the semiconductor supply chain, the shortage is now being felt by most companies. As the production of mobile phones and EVs have been delayed, some of these companies have decided to invest in their own chip factories.

Semiconductor manufacturers themselves have invested in new fabs to cater to the demand. For example, Intel, TCMC, Micron Technology, and such have all made announced plans to invest in new chip production plants around the world.

While most of the chip factories have often been in Southeast Asia, China, and Taiwan, the trade…

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