Independence festival subject to Facebook cybersecurity scam » Scammer News


INDEPENDENCE, Iowa (KWWL) — Cybersecurity has become an increased issue in the country, even hitting home in the city of Independence.

“Celebrate Indee,” Independence’s 4th of July celebration, has been posting giveaways on its Facebook page leading up to the annual festival.

However, a day after posting a recent giveaway, they found out bad actors created a personal profile of their page, recreating recent posts to make it look legitimate.

“Celebrate Indee” discovered the fake account would friend their followers, message them they won the giveaway, and ask them to input their credit card information to “claim their prize.”

With many businesses and corporations falling victim to cyberattacks recently, committee member Michelle McBride says this could’ve affected a lot of people, had the committee not acted quickly.

“Because we were proactive in posting that there has been a fake page made or fake…

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