Inception Fertility Continues to Revolutionize Accessibility of Care Through Evolution of its Bundl Fertility Program


HOUSTON, April 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Inception Fertility (Inception) announces today the expansion of its fertility financial program, Bundl Fertility (Bundl), through a new partnership with StrivePay, a leading payment solutions provider in health and wellness. This collaboration expands on Inception’s commitment to make quality care more accessible to patients by relieving some of the financial stress that too often accompanies fertility treatments.

Bundl is a unique financial program that allows patients to lower their fertility treatment cost by packaging multiple treatment cycles together at one reduced up-front cost. Bundl also offers packages that include an ability to receive a refund of some or all of a patient’s investment if they aren’t successful in bringing home a baby.

Bundl is revolutionizing the patient experience by offering, through StrivePay, a finance option including 12-months of interest-only payments with One American Bank. If patients select this finance option, along with Bundl’s 100% refund option, many patients will have the opportunity to make no principal payments until they successfully complete their fertility program.

“The financial aspect of the fertility journey can be just as complex and stressful as the physical and emotional parts, and launching Bundl was our first step in expanding patient access to care that directly addresses fertility costs,” says TJ Farnsworth, Founder and CEO of Inception Fertility. “Through Bundl, our goal is to allow you to take back control of your fertility by making the patient experience as easy and fulfilling as possible.  And by ‘bundling’ multiple fertility treatments together, a patient is able to increase their chances of success while providing peace of mind through lower cost treatments.” 

When applied together, Bundl’s 100% refund option and StrivePay’s unique finance option through One American Bank, many qualified patients will be able to complete their fertility journey before having to make a single principal payment.  Therefore, these patient-focused solutions further alleviate the financial burden for Bundl customers. 

For patients who are interested in learning more about financial options related to their fertility care, please visit

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With Bundl, fertility patients can easily build a Bundl of treatments that best suit their needs.  Where