In World’s Hottest Economy, Chileans Wait 13 Months for New Cars


(Bloomberg) — In downtown Santiago, the epicenter of what is likely the world’s hottest economy, Carol Castillo is meeting lots and lots of angry people.

Castillo is a saleswoman at a Chevrolet dealership in the city, where demand for cars is so red hot from cash-flush Chileans that wait lists stretch on for months. Customers don’t take this too well, Castillo says. Shock leads to frustration and at times to outbursts, especially from those looking to buy a Silverado. The current estimated delivery date for a diesel version of the popular pickup: October of 2022.

“Everybody wants their car right now,” Castillo said. It was a Wednesday morning, typically a quiet time for the dealership. And yet as Castillo looked across the showroom, every single table was filled with would-be buyers.

The shortages aren’t uniquely Chilean, of course — global supply-chain problems are spurring wait times for cars in many countries — but they’re particularly…

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