In these job scams, criminals target new hires and harvest out-of-office emails


This article is reprinted by permission from NerdWallet

If you’ve just started a new job, criminals may have you in their sights.

You’re eager to make a good impression, want to be a team player and are unfamiliar with how things work at your new company. So when you get what appears to be an email from a manager or colleague asking for contributions to a surprise birthday party or retirement, you’re likely to do it.

And you’re a prime target for a legitimate-sounding, urgent request from the CEO to buy gift cards but “to keep it on the down low” because they’ll be a surprise reward, says Mike Flouton, vice president of email security for Barracuda, a business security company.

You might also get what seems to be an email from IT about setting or resetting passwords, or from human resources, asking for personal information. New employees are targeted because they’re unfamiliar with workplace…

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