In midst of Afghan crisis, US VP Kamala Harris visits Vietnam


Just as US forces struggle with the desperate evacuation from Afghanistan, Vice President Kamala Harris embarks Friday on a trip to Vietnam, site of perhaps an even more infamous American military debacle.

The Southeast Asia trip, also taking in Singapore and a virtual meeting with ASEAN regional representatives, was planned long before a Taliban victory last weekend triggered the US scramble from Afghanistan.

Harris has taken some flak, especially from right-wing commentators who see the choice of Vietnam as, at best, tone-deaf.

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The writers of “Veep,” a television comedy series satirizing a hapless vice president, “could not have scripted this better,” tweeted Sean Spicer, a former White House press secretary for president Donald Trump.

But US officials emphasise that the choice of Vietnam concerns geo-political challenges to come — not the distant trauma of 1975 Saigon, when US…

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