In brutal year for oil, other industries shine in Chron 100


Amid a global pandemic that shut down large sections of the world’s economy, 2020 was a tough year to do business.

So tough that only 56 companies qualified for the Chronicle 100, which uses criteria focused on profits, stock market performance and growth.

For the second year in a row, the energy companies that dominate the region’s economy were largely absent from Houston Chronicle’s list of top performing companies. As oil demand and prices collapsed, they struggled to turn profits. Instead, the Chronicle 100 was led by construction and engineering firms that build and service buildings, power grids and other critical infrastructure, boosted by low interest rates and trillions of dollars in federal stimulus spending that supported a national economy waylaid by public health restrictions.

Topping the list was The Woodlands home builder LGI Homes, which increased its revenues 29 percent and returned its…

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