Impostors still posing as Powerball winner – WSOC TV


CHARLOTTE — It appears scammers are still using a Powerball winner’s name to send out text messages, social media messages, phone calls or emails informing people they’ve “been chosen” to receive free money, according to the Better Business Bureau Scam Tracker.

In a release, the BBB said lottery scams like this make it seem as if recipients are about to receive a sudden financial windfall. But, instead, the people sending the messages are phishing for personal information or may simply be after your money.

Wisconsin resident Manuel Franco came forward in April 2019 to claim a $768 million lottery jackpot. Before winning the lottery, he was working at a Target store and after winning, he was known to personally hand out gift cards to random shoppers.

“This scam involves impersonators attempting to lure in victims to steal their…

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