Impersonation Scams Decline but Still Common, Says IRS


The IRS along with the SSA have been the agencies most frequently targeted in such scams, which in recent times have grown more sophisticated, with scammers using names, titles and even photographs of actual agency employees.

The IRS has said that while scams in which its employees have been impersonated in an attempt to get money or personal information from victims have declined, they still are among the “dirty dozen” forms of tax-related fraud.

“While both the IRS and the Federal Trade Commission have seen a decline in the number of reports of scammers claiming to be from the IRS telephoning potential victims, the agency urges taxpayers to be wary,” it said in a recent announcement. It said the IRS has seen a 43 percent decrease in the number of reports of calls from callers claiming to be from the IRS–20,500 in 2020 compared to 36,000 in 2019—while the FTC saw a 67 percent…

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